At Contour Finance,
we are here for you.

Our Purpose

We help you get ahead in life, investments and business.

We start by getting to know you first. We take the time to work through your personal and wealth goals whilst working with your financial planner and accountant on your strategy. That way we have an understanding of your ambitions, and can tailor our suggestions to your needs.

Our depth of lending and wealth management experience, and access to an extensive array of loan types means we’re set up to secure the most suitable solution for you, providing an optimum balance between interest rates and other conditions.

Our values that help you.

At Contour Finance we build relationships that stand the test of time, but what gets us there are the values that matter deeply to us.


We treat people like we like to be treated ourselves - with understanding, care and respect.


We do the right thing even when nobody’s looking. We never compromise on our values or client commitment. It’s the basis of trust.


Attention to detail, upholding quality standards and consistently great client experiences is everything to us

Our Team


An unmatched network of reliable financial professionals, available for you.

The team at Contour Finance, has spent many years building and nurturing strong relationships, with the most reliable professionals in the finance industry.

As a business built on trust and integrity, it is vital that our partners provide quality products and services for our clients.

We can highly recommend our professional and dependable partners across the following areas: